PodQuiz 65

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This week's rounds are Music, Flowers, Movies and Art.
The music is Beija Flor by Uma Floresta.
If you get a chance, do come along to the Britcaster North England Meetup.


WIll J

2006-05-19 23:26:35 +01:00

Haven't heard the word "foxglove" in 20 years. This was a gread show, James. Please continue. It's a great podcast.

wIll J

2006-05-19 23:27:17 +01:00

(sorry ... grea"t" ...not gread)

James (Quizmaster)

2006-05-20 00:31:11 +01:00

Has the foxglove not made it to America? This page suggests it has, but I suppose it might not be very common.


Anyway, thanks for the comments, Will!

Bruce Murray (The Zedcast)

2006-05-22 14:12:24 +01:00

We have Foxglove in our front garden in Canada. I didn't know what it was, but my wife, (the one with the 'green thumb'in the family), informed me of it's name and medicinal qualities.

Great show James,
- always listening, - Bruce


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