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PodQuiz is a weekly trivia quiz podcast. Each week there are twenty questions, some music as an interlude, followed by the answers. Get your Friday fix of trivia every week!

Anyone wishing to keep score, or play amongst friends or family, might find the PodQuiz answer sheet useful.

PodQuiz 808

pq808.mp3 14:20

This week's rounds are Music (Backbeat), The Ukulele, A Day in the Life (Quickfire), and Places.
The music is Ukulele Bailey, with Ukulele Baby.

PodQuiz 807

pq807.mp3 16:11

This week's rounds are Music (Connections), Soap and Detergent, Cartoon Characters, and Pot Luck.
The music is The Fish Who Saved The Planet with Citrus Soap.

PodQuiz 806

pq806.mp3 14:43

This week's rounds are Music (Lyrical Linguist), SI Units, Cartoon Dogs (Quickfire), and Food and Drink.
The music is from Jazzafari with a song called Unit.

PodQuiz 805

pq805.mp3 14:39

This week's rounds are Music (Annual Anthems), Poets, the Natural World, and Transport.
The music is from The Agrarians with a song called To Our Poet Most Pure.

PodQuiz 804

pq804.mp3 14:36

This week's rounds are Music (Terrible Twins), Human Biology, Transport Brands (Quickfire), and Famous People.
The music is Human Hands by Handmade Moments.

PodQuiz 803

pq803.mp3 14:46

This week's rounds are Music (Connections), Birds in Song, Old News, and Literature.
The music is Birdsong by Golden Dogs.

PodQuiz 802

pq802.mp3 18:10

This week's rounds are Music (Mangled by MIDI), Skyscrapers, Iconic Fashions (Quickfire), and Geography.
The music is All Along the Skyscraper by Jamie Ward.

PodQuiz 801

pq801.mp3 13:27

This week's rounds are Music (Annual Anthems), Root Vegetables, Movies, and Science and Technology.
The music is from Eric and Magill with a song called Vegetable Gardeners.

PodQuiz 800

pq800.mp3 20:09

This week's rounds are Music (Lah-Dee-Dah), The Number Eight, ISO Country Codes, EGOT Award Winners (with guest host Amanda) and an extra Prize Round!
If you're able to, please participate in TriviAction - make a donation ($20 or as much as you can afford) to one or more of the following charities: Black Lives Matter, NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, National Bail Fund Network, Assata’s Daughters and Brave Space Alliance. In exchange you'll receive an hour-long trivia special with contributions from many quiz podcasters and celebrity guests including Sinbad, Ernie Hudson, Andre Dawson, Tatianna and Epic Rap Battles of History!
Prize Round Picture Question:
Which company?
Which company?

PodQuiz 799

pq799.mp3 13:37

This week's rounds are Music (Connections), Orbitals, Musical Instruments, and History.
The music is Eccentric Orbitals by Hawkins and Laury Renac.