PodQuiz 102

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This week's rounds are Music, Footwear, Religions, and Science and Technology.
The music is Shoes by BreakMaus.


Bruce Murray (The Zedcast)

2007-02-02 03:02

Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Missed it again! The elusive Podquiz t-shirt.

Great show as always, (only 12/20 this time), Podcast Alley is down right now but I'll cast my vote in the morning.

Cheers, - Bruce

James (Quizmaster)

2007-02-05 09:33

thanks bruce, and keep trying - you're bound to win a t-shirt one day!

Patrick & Zoe

2007-02-14 21:56

Oh pooh !

We missed out on a T-shirt as well ! Not for want of trying ! Ah well - have to try again on Podquiz 110 (?)

Just a suggestion - how about a Classical music round sometime - I'm getting fed up with my good lady wife answering all the pop ones !

Keep up the great work - We love listening to your quiz before we go to sleep !

James (Quizmaster)

2007-02-14 23:01

i have been tempted to do a classical msuic round before, i've just not quite been brave enough. i can image getting quite a bit of flack for it. ;-)

you never kneo, though...

Patrick & Zoe

2007-02-19 13:50

James - Be brave enough ! Do one - you know you want to..... !

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