PodQuiz 124

pq124.mp3 15:06

This week's rounds are Music, Soup, Musical Instruments, and Music Too. The music round comes thanks to a Mystery Guest Quizmaster. The first person to email me with the identity of this guest will win a podquiz badge/button!
The music is from Turtle Soup with a song called Five Minutes Left.


Nicola George

2007-07-06 09:08

I've had trouble downloading the show through iTunes for the last three weeks. Has anyone else had a problem?

James (Quizmaster)

2007-07-06 09:23

hi, nicola.

it seems the itunes feed broke when i was forced to change servers after a power supply failure.

i'm trying to work out how to fix it, but in the mean time you can work around it by unsubscribing from podquiz and then resubscribing. apparently there are multiple podquiz feeds on itunes now, and you have to pick the right one.

sorry about this - it's a bit of a mess, but as far as i can tell it's beyond my control.


2007-10-26 16:21

Last quiz, you had a question on the Tribe. This quiz had a version of the Zelda theme. You Rock!

Dean and Tom

2019-02-09 22:30



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