PodQuiz 186

pq186.mp3 17:09

This week's rounds are Music (Covers), Whales, Video Games, and Television.
The music is from Assa Nine with a song called Blue Whales.



2008-09-12 08:49

Hi there

Much better music quiz this week, quizmaster. Sorry if my comments did upset you. I didn't mean to be mean.

You do a really excellent job.


James (Quizmaster)

2008-09-12 10:28

Thanks, Danny. I'm always grateful for feedback, positive or negative, so I wasn't upset at all.

Tony Harrison

2008-09-12 10:30

My knowledge of Whales must improve! I thought the video games round would save me but alas I fell short.

Next week though!

Thanks quizmaster!



2011-07-01 02:55

i love podquiz. We listen to your podquizes everyday. My family and i want to say thanks. A thought is could you have a round on glasses?


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