PodQuiz 21

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This week's rounds are Music, Superheros, Famous Voices, and Food and Drink.
The music is Queen and King by Songs To Wear Pants To.



2013-05-19 20:40

Ok, 21 quizzes in a row now completed. Finished off with 16 on this. We're really enjoying these. I guess we're about 8 years too late to send in the answers to the bonus round "last week" ;)
Our average over the 21 rounds is 12.86 - not bad.
Fair well for now from expats in Sweden.

Tina-Marie Shaw

2016-11-25 13:57

Am I too late too?

Sweden?! I hear that part of Canada is lovely

Kyle and Kim

2018-11-03 21:26


Dean, Tom, Gord and Di

2018-12-13 20:28



2019-04-06 18:49

3-3-1-2, for a total of 9.

Bec, Ash, Olive (6y/o), June (3 mo)

2019-06-01 09:28

We’ve been working our way through these podcasts at dinner time upon Olive’s request. So far she loves picking musical instruments, accents and multiple choice questions. I’m guessing we’re 14 years too late to enter the prize rounds. :)

Kim & Bert

2019-07-19 13:11



2019-09-27 18:30

4-3-1-1 (9)


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