PodQuiz 219

pq219.mp3 16:57

This week's rounds are Music, Olives, Famous Voices, and the Music Too.
The music is Eastern Parkway by Olive Trees.



2009-05-01 14:28

Thanks for using my suggestion. I prefer your choice for #3, but ironically I wouldn't have gotten a perfect score on my own suggested quiz round!

Alan Hodgson

2010-04-05 00:29

Hello James

I am sorry to inform you that you have a wrong answer in your music section.
'Streetlife' was credited to The Crusaders, of which Randy Crawford was the lead singer.
If you would like to check we refer you to the Guinness book of hit singles 15th Ed.

None the less, great quiz.
ps, it didn't stop the team we were playing against getting the link! So they were not bothered and they think we are making a lot of fuss about nothing now!


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