PodQuiz 220

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This week's rounds are Music (Mashup Madness), Card Games, Minerals (Quickfire), and Television.
There is no music this week as it is replaced with an extra Prize Round, with the usual prize of a PodQuiz T-shirt! Send your answers for the Prize Round to quizmaster@podquiz.com.
Prize Round Picture Question:
Which country?
Which country?


Craig Element

2009-05-14 16:38

Amy WHITEhouse? A bit of a Freudian slip there. lol

James (Quizmaster)

2009-05-14 16:43

I'm sure I've made that mistake before, too!

Amy Shitehouse

2009-06-15 01:26

Doesn't a Freudian slip involve expression of the consciously repressed? Does James harbour a Presidency fixation? With a name like "James Carter" I suppose that it was inevitable.


Craig Element

2009-07-01 11:44

I thought a Freudian slip was some negligee my mother wore to bed...


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