PodQuiz 24

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This week's rounds are Music, Horses, Movies, and Science and Technology.
The music is The Egerton Boyz, with a song called Eat Your Vegetables.


Dale Galbraith

2005-08-08 03:33

Fun, I get about 1/3 to 1/2 of the answers, but still entertaining. Thanks.

James (Quizmaster)

2005-08-09 09:24

thanks, dale. i do wonder sometimes if podquiz is too hard, but a lot of people seem to prefer the more difficult questions.


2005-08-09 23:14

Hi - thanks for playing our song (Eat Your Vegetables). BTW - our name is pronouced as "Edge-ur-ton")
I enjoyed your podcast - quite a challenge but i felt good when i got 1 or 2 correct.
rgds - Gareth

James (Quizmaster)

2005-08-10 10:07

hi, gareth. sorry for mispronouncing your name. glad you enjoyed the quiz.


2005-08-11 17:49

Hey James, Had me laughing up my food during lunch at McDonalds today!!

Just the mention of the Horses had me looking like a fool - laughing out loud! :-)

Great show - I got about 5 or 6 - totally missed the connection of the songs though!

Thanks for the fun!

Your Biggest Fan

2011-06-02 15:32

You Rock!!!

Kyle and Kim

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Dean, Tom, Gord and Di

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0-4-3-3, for a total of 10.

Sisters, Erin and Kelly

2019-07-15 02:29

0-4-3-2, total 9

Kim & Bert

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