PodQuiz 26

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This week's rounds are Music, Photography, Famous Voices, and History.
The music is I Am Not Afraid by Majek Fashek.



2005-08-22 06:44

I love your show. But I have been having a problem downloading your show via iPodderX. I can get them via iTunes. Would be cool though, if I could get them through iPodderX.

Keep up the great shows!

James (QuizMaster)

2005-08-27 08:34

hi, darrel.

i'm not sure why ipodderX would have problems with podquiz. i don't have a mac, so i can't test it easily.

if you email me with details of the problem, i'll try talking with the ipodderx people about it.



2005-08-30 11:06

Crowded House is a Kiwi (New Zealand) band, not Australian.

James (Quizmaster)

2005-08-30 11:15

hi, chris.

crowded house were originally two ozzies and one kiwi, so i think that counts has more australian, than new zealander. :-)


2018-06-18 00:21

Loving PodQuiz! :D

Currently working our way through the Archive. :)

As an Aussie, I'm happy to claim Crowded House as our own. 😆

Lee + Peter

2018-06-18 00:30

Score: 12/20

Kyle and Kim

2018-11-03 23:29


Dean and Tom

2018-12-14 22:07



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