PodQuiz 27

pq27.mp3 19:07

This week's rounds are Music, Abbreviations, Languages (accents), and Art.
The music is from Tugboat Country with a song called Stand Up.


Luke Whitestone

2005-08-27 02:23


I just wanted to say that I think you have an excellent quiz show and it is very enjoyable. I have gotten into PodQuiz fairly recently, and I really love it. I have a few suggestions for categories in your upcoming shows:
Science/Technology (History of/Modern)

I would love to hear questions in any of these categories. Maybe you could throw in a potpourri category, those are always alot of fun.

I also enjoy when you ask for 4 songs and the connection between them, i find that format more interesting than just the names of 5 random songs.

Once again I want to say that you have a great program (or podcast, whatever it is) and I hope you continue it for a while.

Luke Whitestone
New York, NY

James (QuizMaster)

2005-08-27 08:37

hi, luke.

thanks for the suggestions. a mathematics round sounds quite scary! i'll give it a go, though...



2005-08-28 12:30

The Podquiz is a regular feature on for the family during our drives on the weekend. We don't do particularly well, best is 8, but enjoy the challenge and especially the variety.
Keep up the good work, and thanks for the fun.

The Godfrey's
Cape Town, South Africa


2005-08-30 11:05

UNCF is the United Nations Childrens Fund (formerly UNICEF) (see www.acronymfinder.com) as well as the United Negro College Fund.

James (Quizmaster)

2005-08-30 11:12

hi, chris.

wikipedia let me down on that one. when did the name occur?

randy shackleford

2005-08-31 02:02

just found your site. I enjoyed it. quiz 27 first one heard. look forward to next one.


2005-09-01 14:14

i really like the show. best quiz show ever. good work

James (Quizmaster)

2005-09-01 16:04

thanks everyone. :-)

Kyle and Kim

2018-11-06 01:46


Dean and Tom

2018-12-14 22:25


Sisters, Erin and Kelly

2019-07-16 03:07

1-2-4-2, total 9

Kim & Bert

2019-07-22 14:01



2019-09-30 18:46

0-4-2-3 (9)

Joseph and Hannah

2020-03-28 18:42


Jeanne Allan

2020-11-10 06:07

A team of two long term quizzers -
4 - 7 - 5 - 6 as One.
Individually, for each round -
2-2, 3-4, 4-1, 4 - 2.
Love the languages, esp when reading same script but also when spoken.


2021-03-13 14:35

1-5-4-5 - Possibly my best score so far despite still being terrible at Music


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