PodQuiz 280

pq280.mp3 15:25

This week's rounds are Music (Sample Sinners), Supermodels, Superhero Names (Quickfire), and Communications.
The music is Plastic Supermodel with Healing Hearts.



2010-07-02 09:31

Good round (12 and a half - I knew more about Supermodels than I thought). Just one quibble...
Song 3 was actually a solo release (his first after leaving the band you named.)

But you did have to record three quizzes in short order, so an easy mistake can be forgiven this once. (Besides that, last week I made the opposite mistake in question 4.)


2010-07-04 16:54

Hi there:

Nice episode. I quite enjoyed it.

I'm a little disappointed about not having a Prize Round this week, but I understand that Mr Carter deserves a vacation from it every now and then.

(On the other hand I have never been lucky enough to win something, so I am not missing it that much...)

I'll just have to wait for a chance to win until PodQuiz 290.


Tina-Marie Shaw

2017-06-19 13:51

You sound as lonely and sad as I am. Want to go for a drink?



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