PodQuiz 290

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This week's rounds are Music (Intros), The Calendar, Scales (Quickfire), Food and Drink and an extra Prize Round!
There is no music this week because of the prize round.
Prize Round Picture Question:
Which film?
Which film?


James (Quzmaster)

2010-09-15 23:14

I'm afraid I made a mistake with the prize round. In question two I asked "which word can follow BOMB, HEAD and BOX to make three new words". The question should have been "which word can **PRECEDE** BOMB, HEAD and BOX to make three new words".

If you've already submitted your answers I'll gladly accept an updated answer for question two.


A Perry

2010-09-24 01:41

I actually got another word for the Prize round that seemed to fit quite well... I had 'Air'.

Airbomb - a type of firework
Airhead - derogatory term for a foolish person
Airbox - another term for the air intake chamber of a car

Oh well.. I'll try again next time!


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