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PodQuiz 314

pq314.mp3 16:46

This week's rounds are Music (Lah-Dee-Dah), The Number Six, Company Figureheads (Quickfire), and Guest Quizmaster Jane with her round on the Academy Awards.
The music is Song of Sixpence from 4 and 20 Blackbirds.



2011-02-25 08:04

6 years! Thanks for plugging away at it - I'm sure there were times you could have thrown in the towel.

I haven't done every quiz - but have been working through the archive since I discovered podquiz a year and a half ago.

12 points for this week - and I beat you by one on the guest round (good round.) Kicking myself for forgetting the answer to 19 (I think I gave the answer for 2 years ago) and not being able to recollect a third nominee for question 16.

I was going to blame my poor performance in round one on your cold, but I didn't actually know those songs. :P


2011-02-25 08:08

Should point out, I did know two of the la-de-da ones. Got interrupted while typing...

Ben Dover & Sheila Blige

2011-03-02 22:48

We are big fans of the Podquiz but our ears hurt after listening to round one!!!

James (Quizmaster)

2011-03-02 22:51

Is it the choice of music, or too loud?

Does anyone else think round 1 is too loud? I could turn it down...


2011-03-04 19:28

I suspect it was a comment on your singing, not the volume ... :P


2011-03-12 15:38

Hi Mr. Carter:

Better (very) late than never:

¡Congratulations for your 6th aniversary!

You always do an amazing job by challenging us with your trivia questions.
Keep up with this great podcast for many more years.

See you.


Tina-Marie Shaw

2017-06-23 10:07

Agustin, I loved you in that Bond film.

Did you play that guy, Tic-Tac?


2020-06-28 11:34


Laura and Dennis

2021-01-30 05:07

13 (4-4-3-2)


2021-02-10 12:18



I think Round 4 doesn’t stand the test of time; it was worded in a way that really requires you to be in the year 2011.

Em and Cam

2021-06-22 10:00


the Dookies

2021-06-22 10:33


Mike and Lara

2021-07-25 00:09


Kyle and Kim

2021-11-20 22:34


David and Charles

2022-03-27 20:46

2-3-3-1 (9)

the time-sensitive questions on the final round aside, the other questions were pretty tough too!

Sisters, Erin and Kelly

2022-05-29 00:19

3-3-3-1 total: 10


2022-08-21 23:09

13 (3-3-4-3)

Andrew, Paula, Naomi, Ryan

2022-09-06 20:55



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