PodQuiz 33

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This week's rounds are Music, Cosmetics, Places, and Sport.
The music is from The Lascivious Biddies with a song called Betty.


Ali G

2005-10-07 10:59

Enjoyed the quiz this week, but you stated that the A1 Grand Prix started on December 25th, 2005. Surely it should have been September 25th?!

James (Quizmaster)

2005-10-07 11:07

Well spotted, Ali. I misread the question!


2005-10-10 18:30

Just wanted to let you know that, technically, both aspects of the R.E.M. entry in the Music quiz segment relate to sleep. You used the song "Daysleepher" by a band named R.E.M. which stands for Rapid Eye Movement, a stage in the sleep process.

James (Quizmaster)

2005-10-10 18:43

Hi, Kevin.

Yes - that had occurred to me, but I thought R.E.M. was just too difficult a clue to the connection. That said, maybe I should have gone with a more obvious R.E.M. song!

Kyle and Kim

2018-11-08 17:53


Dean and Tom

2018-12-16 20:08


Sisters, Erin and Kelly

2019-07-18 02:52


Kim & Bert

2019-07-31 12:33

That was tougher except the cities is easier when you’ve travelled a lot

Jeannie Allan

2020-11-29 06:18

3-3, 4-2, 4-3, 1-1.
Identifying towns was good. Also Cosmetics but the one who knows nothing about them won...?
Fencing en piste! Who'da thunk?
Thank you for a lot of enjoyment as we work our way through time.

Laura and Dennis

2021-03-01 05:13

11 (2-3-5-1)

Jade & Marty

2021-03-11 22:12



2021-03-14 23:16

2-3-4-2 Not a good week for me


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