PodQuiz 415

pq415.mp3 15:05

This week's rounds are Music, Valets in Fiction, Places, and the Natural World.
The music is Purple Eyes from The Valets.



2013-03-01 04:38

Q12 was not too difficult this week as you forgot to bleep out the answer.


2013-03-01 17:38

Does "King's Landing" count for Q14? Couldn't come up with the real name but I knew it's where they shoot Game Of Thrones. :)

James (Quizmaster)

2013-03-01 22:32

mcv2: oops! Oh, well - call it a gift from me!

J: Hmmm... I probably wouldn't give you the point, but hey, if you think you've earnt it... :-)


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