PodQuiz 435

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This week's rounds are Music, Valleys, Famous Voices, and Communications.
The music is Howie Mitchell & Ruth Meyer with Down in the Valley.



2013-07-19 04:09

the answer to question 4 is not Neil Young but Neil Diamond.Anybody who knows anything about music knows that Diamond wrote the now famous song.Neil young done a song called the believer.Close but not right again.

Hugh Jarss

2013-07-19 14:56

Yeh you're right Mr mcv2 , definately Neil Diamond. Another mistake from the Quizmaster.

James (Quizmaster)

2013-07-20 09:37

You're quite right. I had Neil Diamond written down but read Neil Young. It's a mental slip that I think I've made before. *sigh*


2013-07-20 17:08

The previous commenters could have been less rude. Slips are easy to make - no one is perfect!


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