PodQuiz 482

pq482.mp3 14:05

This week's rounds are Music (Themes), Freemasonry, Fictional Character's Jobs (Quickfire), and Food and Drink.
The music this week comes from Jonathan Coulton, with a song called I'm a Mason Now.



2014-06-14 09:41

And you were worried last week's might be a bit hard?

James (Quizmaster)

2014-06-16 22:03

Hrmm.. I though the Freemasonry round was hard, but I tried to balance that with easier questions elsewhere. Not very successfully, I'm guessing....


2014-06-17 12:56

I was probably being thick. Sorry, my parenthetic comment in between less than and greater than signs went missing from that comment making it look a little harsher than was intended - presumably stripped to avoid people misusing html...

I think my downfall was not being a tv buff at all, having spent a number of years sans TV (and half the questions were TV ones...) Still, a fun quiz :)


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