PodQuiz 50

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This week's rounds are Music (Lah-Dee-Dah), Aviation (guest QuizMaster Len from the Flying Pilot Podcast), Video Games (guest QuizMaster Will from My Trivia PodQuiz), and Pseudonyms (guest QuizMaster Bruce from the Zedcast).
The music is Dave Reid, with Fifty Fifty.


Will Jones

2006-02-03 05:12

Thanks for having me on, James! Congrats to you and your bride :) ... Oh, and just for clarification, it's My Trivia 'Podcast' at www.mytriviapodcast.com. Love the show!

James (QuizMaster)

2006-02-03 11:25

Thanks for contributing, Will. Sorry I got the URL wrong - I just read the URL that was on the address bar on my browser...


2006-02-04 22:08

James that was the best episode ever! Sorry but I laughed so hard at round one. It was brilliant! You're a brave man lol.

Congratulations on 50 shows and best wishes on your marriage.


James (QuizMaster)

2006-02-05 15:49

Thanks, Karen. Don't worry - I'm very aware of my lack of musical talent. Laughing was an entirely reasonable response! :-)


2006-02-07 22:48

I liked this show. I was laughing so hard at Round One. It wasn't what I had expected. I did something like this with my voice a few months ago, and I still crack up whenever I hear it.

Having said that, I was able to guess all but two of those in that round.

I also got everyone in the Video Games round right and almost everyone in the Pseudonyms category.

Congrats to you and your bride!

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