PodQuiz 580

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This week's rounds are Music (Intros), Romantic Fiction, Film Prequels (Quickfire), Geography, and a Prize Round.
There is no music this week because of the prize round.
Prize Round Picture Question:
Who is it?
Who is it?


James (Quizmaster)

2016-04-29 08:55

The words for Q2 of the prize round are: DOOR, FINGER and HANG.

Jill in Colorado

2016-04-29 23:10

That's an OLD picture of [......].

Really enjoying your podcast!


2016-04-29 23:34

Um, Jill. You *do* realize this is an open contest quiz, don't you? Perhaps you should wait for the quiz to be closed before posting spoilers and answers.

James (Quizmaster)

2016-04-29 23:50

I'm sure Jill didn't mean to give away the answer - I've covered her slip up.

David Ashby

2016-07-01 17:04

It's Bill Clinton


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