PodQuiz 609

pq609.mp3 16:10

This week's rounds are Music (Annual Anthems), Mathematicians, Literature, and Who Am I?
The music is Math by Auquid .



2016-11-18 07:54

Man alive , that was a toughie

James (Quizmaster)

2016-11-24 09:36

Yep, sorry!
I promise 610 will be easier!

Jamie and Steven

2016-11-25 11:02

We listen to this PODquiz every time we're in the electrophoresis lab. Shout out to everyone in the seed business!

Chris Swinden

2016-11-28 18:07

Anyone else feel a bit emotional at the end there?

First time I can ever remember an episode finishing without "Bye now" ...


2016-12-03 01:15

Who am I saved our DDD (double digit dignity). Tough one!


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