PodQuiz 649

pq649.mp3 15:45

This week's rounds are Music (Annual Anthems), Movies with Dancing, Television, and Harry Potter (with guest host Ava).
The music is No Slow Dancing by Austin Leonard Jones.


From Wyoming

2017-08-25 23:09

Great job, Ava!

Max and Eric

2017-08-26 17:32

We really enjoyed Ava as a guest quizmaster. She was adorable!

A new fan!!!

2017-08-27 02:36

Ava was great. Hope she does more in the future!!!

James (Quizmaster)

2017-08-30 01:09

I agree - Ava was great! Maybe I'll be able to hand the PodQuiz reigns over to her some day when I'm old and grey. Next week perhaps. :-D


2017-09-01 08:31

OH DEAR 6 (0-3-0-3)


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