PodQuiz 69

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This week's rounds are Music, Sleep, Musical Instruments, and Communications.
The music is Easy by Barenaked Ladies.


WJ across the pond

2006-06-17 15:40

- was it just operator error on this end, or did iTunes have a problem with this week's feed? I manually downloaded it to feed the trivia addiction, but inquiring minds wanna know ....

James (Quizmaster)

2006-06-19 18:14

not sure, will - i don't use itunes myself. did anyone else notice a problem?


2006-06-19 21:15

Thanks for playing Barenaked Ladies! They are my favorite band. However please note that you misspelled their name... it is "Barenaked Ladies"... two words, with no capital N on Naked.


2006-06-20 01:22

I subscribe via iTunes as well, and they still haven't listed PodQuiz69 yet. Our family will just have to gather round the computer this week, as we are quite addicted. Thanks for all your hard work, James.


2006-06-20 03:54

There was no date on this podcast in my iTunes. It was listed below Podcast 65, so I had to manually hit the "Get" button.


2006-06-20 08:41

Thanks, Al. For some reason it is now listed as being 6/20/05, so it got sent to the bottom of the pile in iTunes and didn't update as the most current issue.

James (Quizmaster)

2006-06-20 12:45

aha - i've worked out what the itunes problem was (it was my fault), and i've fixed the spelling of Barenaked Ladies too.

thanks, everyone - normal service will be resumed shortly. :-)


2006-06-21 22:51

James - never take the blame for something you can assign to Corporate America! T'was Steve Job's fault (he he he)

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