PodQuiz 73

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This week's rounds are Music, The 1990s, Movies, and Sport.
The music is from Geoff Smith with a song called Mr Telephone.



2006-07-14 13:36

I can always count on you to interject some kind of racing trivia. Thanks for "two" this time ... and my two favorite to boot. Hope your internet is back up soon! Keep up the good work!

James (Quizmaster)

2006-07-18 22:38

hi, will.

it's odd how questions i genuinely come up with on my own appear on another quiz podcast just before or just after i ask them. the schumaker question was more or less identical to one of andrew's MTP question.

my internet connection is back up, although still a little jury rigged, so PQ 74 will be appearing at the normal time. :-)

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2019-04-14 11:48



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