PodQuiz 778

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Celebrating fifteen years of PodQuiz, this week's rounds are Music (Backbeat), the Number Fifteen, Directorial Debuts (Quickfire), and the Natural World.
The music is The Pendulum Swings's (It Must Be) Somebody's Birthday.



2020-02-28 04:27

Congrats on fifteen years, James. should have been happy to score fifteen but alas I got 16(4-4-4-4). consistent.

Stephen and Lena

2020-02-28 18:30

Fairly new to your quizzes but we've gone back to podquiz 1 and working onwards from there. Very much loving the fact Ween were heavily involved in the first few pods. Maybe more of them in the future!? 5-2-4-3 for us today. Congratulations on fifteen years. Your voice hasn't changed at all!


2020-02-28 21:41

12.5 (4.5-3-2-3)
Embarrassed to not have even considered number 6, given I'm playing interclub this afternoon

Laura and Dennis

2020-02-29 04:14

15 (4-3-4-4) James: congrats on your 15 year milestone, we always look forward to your quiz.

Max and Eric

2020-02-29 17:33

13.5 (3.5-5-2-3) James, congratulations from California on 15 years! With all the podcasts that come and go, it is truly impressive that you have built up PodQuiz and kept it going. We are looking forward to many more years.

Edd & Maddy

2020-02-29 17:52

5-5-2-4. 15 more years please! we started listening on our long drive from wisconsin to minnesota for our wedding last year. Still not got a 20/20 though.

Andrew & Tehmina

2020-02-29 22:24

16 (4-4-4-4) Many congratulations, James on your 15th anniversary. Keep 'em coming - the weekend wouldn't be the weekend without Podquiz!


2020-03-01 15:37

Hi very apt that we got 15!
Well done James, we've listened to every episode.


Kyle and Kim

2020-03-01 16:49



2020-03-03 03:41

Congratulations on 15 years!
15 (3-4-3-5)


2020-03-16 22:59

Congrats on 15 years!

15 4-4-4-3

Mike k

2020-04-10 17:03

14.5 (4.5,3,3,4)


2020-04-24 19:52

12 (3-2-4-4)


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