PodQuiz 99

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This week's rounds are Music, Penguins, Old News, and Transport.
The music is Kimiko, with Penguin in a Golden Coat.


Bruce Murray The Zedcast

2007-01-15 04:39

Hey James, Great show! Me...12/20 didn't get the connection, and kicked myself because I always notice Red Heads, (married one in fact). One note, I'm pretty sure that FDR died in 1945. He was a wartime president and gave the "day of infamy" Pearl Harbor speech in 1942.

Can't wait for #100, congratulations on an amazing body of work. - Bruce

Bruce Murray The Zedcast

2007-01-15 04:40

Duh...sorry, Pearl Harbor Dec, 1941

James (Quizmaster)

2007-01-15 11:19

you're absolutely right about fdr, bruce. i noticed that myself at the weekend. *sigh* i had 1945 written down, so i must have had brain fade as i was reading it.

i believe the "day of infamy" speech has been in a "famous voices" round, even!

thanks, bruce. :-)

Larry Lutes

2014-02-25 17:33

I just wanted to say I appreciate the work you do on the podcast. I only got into it a few weeks ago, but I'm quickly moving my way up sequentially.

I can't believe I have another 360+ episodes to go!
Thanks again!

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2-4-0-1 Ahhhhhh soooo baaadddd. Cheers tho


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