PodQuiz 39

pq39.mp3 17:38

This week's rounds are Music, Beer, Famous Voices, and The Universe (guest quizmasters Ross and Karen from the Zee and Zed podcast).
The music is Big Square Sound's remix of Stalker by Dogfish.
Don't forget - next week there is a prize round!


Mark (Electric Sky)

2005-11-22 15:28

Hey James!

Your show is fantastic. When I'm not out in public shouting answers out at my iRiver, I sit in a quiet place with a piece of paper.

In your latest show, you have a question about Close Encounters. The question is about Richard Dreyfuss making UFO's out of mashed potatoes. It was actually a model of the mountain at which the UFO landed that he made out of mashed potatoes.

Keep up the great shows!


James (Quizmaster)

2005-11-24 00:46

Thanks, Mark. For once there's a mistake with a question, and it's not my fault! :-)

Mark (Electric Sky)

2005-11-24 17:14

You are forgiven. :)


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