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PodQuiz 105

pq105.mp3 18:45

This week's rounds are Music (Classical), Famous Children, Places, and Art.
The music is Ethereal with Play Like Children.


James (Quizmaster)

2007-02-24 09:19

so, has anyone spotted this week's "deliberate" mistake?


2007-02-28 00:23

Just popping in to give a cheer for the classical music round! It was quite enjoyable. Please do it again sometime. :)


2007-02-28 23:06

Jimmy Osmond sang Long Haired Lover not Donny.
Randy Jackson technicaly whas not a member of the Jackson 5 as he joined when the group left Motown to join CBS. Jermaine stayed behind to further his solo career and was replaced at that stage by Randy, but they also had to change their name to The Jacksons at that stage. Great podcast keep up the good work

James (Quizmaster)

2007-03-01 07:32

hi, kit.

well that's a definite positive for classical music, and i've had one negative too. anyone else?

hi, david.

you're quite right about jimmy osmond - that was the mistake i mentioned. regarding randy jackson, i was careful to say "jackson 5 or jacksons" in the question, so i wriggle out of that one!

thanks for your comments!

Patrick & Zoe

2007-03-06 20:33

We loved the classical music round !

Tina-Marie Shaw

2017-02-02 14:06

I thought the second song was Prince actually. Do I get a free badge?

Dean and Tom

2019-01-30 21:44


Sisters, Erin and Kelly

2019-08-20 02:41

0,4,2,2. Total 8

Kyle and Kim

2019-11-09 22:01


Kim & Bert

2019-12-21 09:47

3 - 4 - 4 - 3 =14

Em and Cam

2020-04-13 10:29


Laura and Dennis

2021-03-22 03:24

9 (0-3-4-2)


2021-06-23 13:28


Took a 1/2 point on the Jacksons Q as that really was two diff questions you asked there.


2021-06-23 13:28

As we are going in reverse order, we are glad to see the back of classical music 😁

Jade & Marty

2022-02-04 20:12


David and Charles

2022-02-05 03:23

1-1-4-3 (9)


2023-06-27 23:34

11 (1-3-4-3)


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