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Welcome to Podquiz

PodQuiz is a weekly trivia quiz podcast. Each week there are twenty questions, some music as an interlude, followed by the answers. Get your Friday fix of trivia every week!

Anyone wishing to keep score, or play amongst friends or family, might find the PodQuiz answer sheet useful.

PodQuiz 947

pq947.mp3 15:20

This week's rounds are Music (Connections), Princesses, Movies and In Which Year?
The music is Hard To Be A Princess by Anthony.

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2023-05-26 00:05

PodQuiz 946

pq946.mp3 15:44

This week's rounds are False Instruments (with guest host Jon of the Quiz Cupboard podcast), Paris Olympic, Old Chemical Element Names (Quickfire), and Food and Drink.
The music is from Dazie Mae with a song called Paris To London and Back.

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2023-05-19 00:05

PodQuiz 945

pq945.mp3 14:17

This week's rounds are Music (Odd One Out), Monarchy, Natural World, and Television.
There is music from King Tuff, with their song Keep On Movin.

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2023-05-12 00:05

PodQuiz 944

pq944.mp3 13:56

This week's rounds are Music (Lyrical Linguist), Oscar Winning Movies, Celebrity Couples (Quickfire), and Music Too.
The music is Angel Academy by Matt Oakley.

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2023-05-05 00:17

PodQuiz 943

pq943.mp3 16:07

This week's rounds are Music (Connections, with guest host Anna of the Music IQuiz podcast), Scientists, Old News, and Geography.
The music is from Miracles of Modern Science with a song called Physics Is Our Business.

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2023-04-28 00:05

PodQuiz 942

pq942.mp3 15:06

This week's rounds are Music (Album Tracks), Famous Dogs, Origins of Soups (Quickfire), and Science and Technology.
The music is All Dogs, with That Kind Of Girl.

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2023-04-21 00:05

PodQuiz 941

pq941.mp3 15:50

This week's rounds are Music (Annual Anthems), Rain, Cartoon Characters, and Vienna (with guest host Michael of the Wiener Quizwerke online pub quiz).
The music is from Dirty Fences with a song called Rain.

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2023-04-14 00:05

PodQuiz 940

pq940.mp3 13:30

This week's rounds are Music (Intros), NASA, Shakespeare Characters (Quickfire), History.
Prize Round Picture Question:
Who played T.J. Hooker in the television series of the same name?
Who is it?

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2023-04-07 00:05

PodQuiz 939

pq939.mp3 16:21

This week's rounds are Music (Connections), Chinese Dynasties, Television, and Psychology (with guest host Nicholas Richter).
The music is Zight with The Glory of Qin Dynasty.

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2023-03-31 00:05

PodQuiz 938

pq938.mp3 13:58

This week's rounds are Music (Themes), Lawns, Former Capitals (Quickfire) and Sport.
The music is An Eagle In Your Mind with Green Grass.

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2023-03-24 00:05