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PodQuiz 395

pq395.mp3 14:00

This week's rounds are Music, Speed, Languages, and Who Am I?
The interlude music is Speed is King from Thee Stag Knight.


Aimee Jex

2012-10-14 09:34

Hello Quizmaster,

I discovered PodQuiz on Stitcher on my android several months ago, and I look forward to the quiz each week. I mistakenly pressed the thumbs down while multi-tasking and I feel horrible. I wanted to email you but the link didn't work. I did a thumbs up last week when you requested it.

I enjoy the quiz each week from Miami, and even checked in when I was in Belize earlier this year.

To comment on PodQuiz395, it was excellent. I enjoyed the song. It was actually one of my best results. I knew the answer for round 4 on the first question, I recognized 4 of the 5 languages, I answered 4 of the 5 speed questions correctly, and although I only knew the names and artists of 2 songs, I deduced question 5 correctly.

Thank you for the great work :)

James (Quizmaster)

2012-10-20 19:05

Hi, Aimee.

Don't worry about clicking the thumbs down - just click a few thumbs up to compensate. :-)

Which link didn't work for the email? I should fix that.

Glad you enjoy the show.

Laura and Dennis

2020-04-17 22:44

13 (4-1-3-5)


2020-11-24 11:22



2020-12-23 12:23



the Dookies

2021-05-06 09:59


Beth &tracey

2021-05-23 07:47


Mike and Lara

2021-12-04 23:46



2022-01-15 21:04

14 (3-3-3-5)

Em and Cam

2022-01-19 08:54


David and Charles

2022-04-25 16:34

1-4-4-5 (14)

Sisters, Erin and Kelly

2022-09-11 02:02

3,4,4,5 total 16


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