PodQuiz 406

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This week's rounds are Music (Terrible Twins), 2012, TV Families (Quickfire), and Art.
The music is from 2012AM with a song called 2012.


Jonathan Edwards

2012-12-29 03:40

Regarding Question 6:

I am sure that others have contacted you about this, but China did not gain either the most medals or even the most gold medals in the 2012 Olympics. That honor, as usual, went to the USA, in fact you have to go back to the 1992 games and the Unified Team (most of the former Soviet Union) to find a Summer Olympics where the USA did not come top in total medal count.
The total medal count for London 2012 stands at 104 for America to 88 for China and total gold medals 46 to 38 for the USA and China respectively. Third place was held by Great Britain with a total of 65 and 29 gold.
Keep up the great work James. I am a big fan.
Jonathan Edwards, Saitama, Japan

Laura and Dennis

2020-08-22 23:19

14 (4-2-5-3)


2020-12-02 11:09



2020-12-16 12:41



the Dookies

2021-04-29 12:05


Beth & Tracey

2021-08-14 08:03

Not one of our better rounds


2021-08-16 03:44

13.5 (3.5-3-5-2)

Kim and Bert would be the most surprising nobel peace prize winners ever. Because they cheat.


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