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PodQuiz 458

pq458.mp3 16:20

This week's rounds are Music (Covers), 2013, Born on Christmas Day (Quickfire), and Transport.
The music is VJ Memes with Auld Lang Syne.


Beepers & Karjan

2014-01-01 19:52

Hi James
We love the quiz, you are a legend, especially when we have hungover days on the sofa. Keep up the fantastic work you've been doing over the years.
Your loyal supports,
Karl, Marjan, Dan and Mikaela, living in Sweden. (17 1/2 points in this quiz)

James (Quizmaster)

2014-01-06 21:55

Thanks for the encouragement, guys!


2020-06-09 10:22

Half points??? I know it’s very sad but that annoys me haha. “Artist AND song”...come on James clear up this half point nonsense!!! Hehe

Laura and Dennis

2020-11-01 20:55

11 (4-2-3-2)


2021-02-09 11:09


the Dookies

2021-04-08 05:57


Mike and Lara

2022-03-19 22:32

Happy 2013!!! Lol. 4-2-4-3... 13

David and Charles

2022-05-25 23:34

3-3-3-1 (10)
happy 2013, can't wait to see what the year brings!


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