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PodQuiz 462

pq462.mp3 17:26

This week's rounds are Music (Lyrical Linguist), Arthurian Legend, Literary Survivors (Quickfire), and Geography.
The music is Camelot from Kevin Burdick.



2014-01-24 04:55

regarding question 18 you asked which of the three is one of the worlds 15 tectonic plates but in your answer you said what is not a major tectonic the hell are we supposed to answer a question when you change the answer to the original question.get a grip if you want to get people to votefor you then you are going the wrong way about it.this is another cock up on your part yet again


2014-01-24 18:39

Hey mcv2....feel free to stop listening. The rest of us find James' work highly entertaining.

Lynn Walker

2014-01-25 11:55

Mcv2, don't be so mean. I think you ought to apologize or as Dave suggests, stop listening


2014-01-26 21:32

just because i am not an arse kisser like you two doesnt mean i am not allowed to comment. this has happened many times over the 462 times podquiz has been aired. all it takes is a little time to double check answers to the questions asked. doesnt seem too hard does it Lynn and Dave

Orson Cart

2014-01-28 14:00

Highly entertaining? You're having a giraffe. Mcv2 is correct, you can't ask questions and then give the wrong answers. Very casual approach,


2014-02-06 22:23

Yeah Orson, we actually do find it highly entertaining. If you don't then it sounds like you and mcv2 could try something else.
Keep up the good work James, everyone makes mistakes from time to time.

James (Quizmaster)

2014-02-11 17:13

I had intended to specifically mention "major" tectonic plates in the question (I had that written down in my notes, and hadn't realised that I'd skipped that bit in the question). The reason for this was that there are two China cratons - the East China Craton and North China Craton, and I wanted to avoid any potential confusion. Cratons are not tectonic plates though, so omitting the "major" did not actually change the question at all. The answer I gave was correct.

I do make mistakes and I'm quite willing to accept polite criticism. Unpleasant comments will either be ignored or deleted. (To be honest, I only replied here because others had stood up for me - thanks Lynn and Jarrett).

James (Quizmaster)

2014-02-11 17:36

Having looked into it further, there is also the Amurian Plate. Opinion is divided as to whether this is an independent plate, or just part of the larger Eurasian Plate. Apparently this potential tectonic plate is occasionally referred to as the China Plate. So, if you want to follow all those ifs, buts and occasionallies, then you could interpret the answer I gave as incorrect.

Orson Cart

2014-03-05 20:25

You've completely missed the point.In the question you asked which ONE of the three WAS a tectonic plate implying one of the three was a plate and the other two were not . but you gave the answer of which one wasn't a plate so implying then that two were plates and one wasn't.You asked which one was a plate and then gave the answer of which one wasn't.


2014-03-08 18:25

You're quite correct Orson, The quizmaster asks which ONE it is and then tells us which ONE it isn't.


2014-03-10 02:57

Vindication at last


2020-06-09 23:47

I bet you guys are a right laugh at a party!!! 😂😂😂

James keep up the good work mate. I know I’m years behind here but these people do make me laugh!
Haven’t seen any of them in Mastermind or winning the Million pounds/dollars yet I’m guessing...also assuming they may at some stage leave home and who knows, maybe even hold hands with a girl hehe.

Great entertainment as always mate and a lot of effort goes into making these. You guys having a moan...have a Valium

Laura and Dennis

2020-11-02 04:24

15 (4-4-4-3)


2020-11-09 12:35

16 1/2

Everyone needs to lighten up, ffs. So, a mistake was made on an internet quiz, with no consequences. Sheesh. Give yourself the point and move on

Also, Q11 - it’s Luna Lovegood, not Lovewood.
And really, Bella Swan doesn’t ‘survive’, as she is now an undead vampire, but that’s nitpicking, I guess.


2021-02-10 16:45


the Dookies

2021-03-31 09:24


Mike and Lara

2022-04-02 22:31

4-3-4-3.. 14.

Em and Cam

2022-04-15 09:53


David and Charles

2022-05-27 15:25

3-3-4-2 (12)

prize round score: 3

Controversial comments episode! Very much reading through them all looking like that michael jackson eating popcorn gif.

Tracey & Beth

2023-01-15 05:52


Tracey & Beth

2023-01-15 07:24


Sisters, Erin and Kelly

2023-07-03 00:17

4,4,4,4 total 16

Sisters, Erin and Kelly

2023-07-03 00:23

James, we are YEARS behind in our listening, but we so enjoy playing. We play it all summer long with our group of friends. You rock and we love learning as we go.


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