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PodQuiz 80

pq80.mp3 18:01

This week's rounds are Music (Mangled by MIDI), The Environment, Languages, and Art.
The music is an eponymous track from Green Eyes.



2006-09-07 22:53

I thinkyou have 2 MAJOR discrepancies int he mangeled by MIDI round this week. "Cats In The Crade" is actually by Harry Chapin. Your version is the recent re-make of the song. Men In Black actually uses sampels from the song "Forget Me Nots" by Patrice Rushen. Since the MIDI sample never goes into the choruis and oly replays the sample, this should be an acceptable answer as well.

James (Quizmaster)

2006-09-10 17:13

hi, greg.

i'll except that your second complaint is valid, for which i apologise. as for your first: there are many versions of "cats in the cradle", but in mangled by MIDI rounds i only ask for the title of the song, not the artist. i include the artist in the answers because i am sure that plenty of people would like to know. that particular MIDI was an attempt to reproduce the ugly kid joe cover of the song, which is why i used that in the answers.

thanks for your comment.


2006-09-12 02:27

I'm glad to see that the Patrice Rushen song "Forget Me Nots" was mentioned, because that is what I immediately thought of when I heard the MIDI.

Great quizzes, James! I never miss them and I'm looking forward to the upcoming prize round!

Dean and Dean

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2019-05-01 19:31


Sisters, Erin and Kelly

2019-08-11 03:27

3-2-3-0, total 8

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Kim & Bert

2019-10-31 10:20

5 - 4 - 3 - 3

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Jade & Marty

2021-10-26 20:32


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2021-11-03 04:49

13 (5-3-3-2)

David and Charles

2022-01-29 04:11

3-1-2-1 (7)


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