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PodQuiz 889

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This week's rounds are Music (Odd One Out), Easter, Old News, and Music Too.
The music is Easter Island by Lonely Punk.


Devin, Eric, Aj, & Hope

2022-04-15 02:01


Laura and Dennis

2022-04-15 03:54

18 (4-5-4-5)


2022-04-15 04:56


Warning TLDR!

Truly am on James’ side here and do not wanna be made out as “the bad guy”. And is even tougher for me being ½ Yank + ½ Brit - as I see both sides clearly but also struggle w/Music Q’s b/c what Charts Top 10 in GB; may never even see the light of day in the USA!?

So I offered up “chart checking” fix as a potential solution to resolve any disparity (to make sure an answer charts on both US and UKTop 100 equally - to keep things fair).

I was on track tonight for a personal best “Perfect 20” till this one song came up? "I Like Chopin" by Italian singer “Gazebo”. WHO? WHAT? WHERE? Never heard of him? and the 80’s are my music wheelhouse!

So for grins I looked it up online and whilst it hit #1 in Austria; and Top 10 in Germany; Italy (basically every Top 50 list throughout the EU nations) I couldn’t even find it listed on ANY US chart! One no name billboard chart listed it as #93 for a DAY. So I rest my case with that example.

I know many feel “Music” is “too American” and I’m apparently the only person who thinks it’s “too U.K. / E.U.? - So-I’ve offered up a potential “fix” but don’t wish to tax poor James any more than he already is.with y silly uestions - So this will be the last time I’ll ever raise any Q’s or suggestions. Just know I love (most) of the weekly quizzes and are the highlight of my week b/c they are challenging! Otherwise I wouldn’t come back every week or donate when I do via PayPal (via partners name) / so please do not take this as a negative, or as a troll, or me being an arse or snarky. Okay? I truly enjoy the group here. And it is one of the highlights of my podcasting week! Just throwing out some constructive ideas to help solve a problem that a few rare couple of us that weren’t raised in GB experience. You can leave things “as is” and we’ll be back for more! Just trying to help. Okay? So if others have a better fix to this minor music Q problem; I’m all ears because clearly I don’t have any answers! Thanks as always Janes! Peace! 👍🏻☮️


2022-04-15 17:07

4-3-4-4 for 15. I'm not up on my sweets, but I'm sure I'll make up for it this weekend

Saavedra Adams Strafford Conglomerate

2022-04-15 20:11

14.5 (2.5-5-3-4)

Tough week! We are in a bit of a slump.

It's not US/UK people doing this quiz.

Saavedra Adams Strafford Conglomerate

2022-04-15 20:14

*not just

Mike and Lara

2022-04-16 16:51

3-4-2-5...14.. keep up the great work james!


2022-04-17 17:32

13 (4-4-1-4) off by 3 or 4 in old news :(


2022-04-18 05:34

16 (5-3-4-4)


2022-04-19 02:47

Didn't get Q 3 (had never heard it either) but did manage to work out the odd one out.

Andrew, Paula, Naomi, Ryan

2022-04-19 22:43


James (Quizmaster)

2022-04-21 22:47

Hi, BoozeBaron.

I know the music is a constant source of irritation to you and I'm sorry. In this particular instance, the Gazebo song was there to make the odd-one-out work really. It was a hit in a number of countries, but not the US or the UK.

I do try to make sure that the significant majority of songs in any music round were hits in both the US and elsewhere. Having a hard limit of, say, top 10 in the Billboard Hot 100 is just too limiting though (as well as excluding some very well loved music - Jimi Hendrix for example).

I'm sure the stars will align with some USA-centric music to get you a 20/20 one day!


2022-04-23 12:36

15.5 (3.5-5-3-4)

Kyle and Kim

2022-05-08 21:31



2022-05-13 12:49



2022-05-15 11:11



2022-05-27 03:01

Hi James.

Had to dig back thru the archives to find this and the week this happened. Was curious if any others had chimed in - but just now saw your response here. As stated before; I come in peace and was only trying to offer up a way to maybe appease the masses that weren’t born in the U.K. (or raised on “national radio”) - I was pleasantly surprised with your response in that you said you’d noticed I’d mentioned this before. Wasn’t aware you’d seen those times. So-Thanks for considering my “charting” idea - and I do also understand the limits that come with it. Plus you’re right - loads of great songs never make it into the Top 50 per se. Anyway - just wanted to “thank you” for taking the time to personally address me and a few others here. I know it’s difficult to gauge who heard what and when-Otherwise every week is great. Just my desire for that “perfect 20” sometimes gets my competitive juices boiling!! :)




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