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PodQuiz 996

pq996.mp3 14:07

This week's rounds are Music (Mashup Madness), Dolly Parton, Movie Quotes (Quickfire), and Pot Luck.
Music comes from Sans Nom with Jolene.



2024-05-03 00:11

2-4-4-5 (15) Suprised at how well songs no. 2 and no. 5 mashed together


2024-05-03 02:32



2024-05-03 05:18

17 (3-4-5-5)

Doc and Marty

2024-05-03 09:53

I think the quote on Q14 is from Pt.1 in the series not Pt. 2 (happy to be told that it’s both).

Mike C

2024-05-03 12:31


Couple of corrections:

For question 14 the quote is the final line from Part 1. It does also appear in Part 2, but only because it replays the final scene in Part 1 as a recap.

For question 20 the subtitle should be "Modern Warfare" rather than "Modern War".


2024-05-03 21:10

Glad to see that I’m not the only one who thought that the movie quote answer was wrong!


2024-05-03 22:41

4-4-5-5 for 18. All caught up!


2024-05-03 23:00

3-2-3-4 total 12

Laura and Dennis

2024-05-04 05:06

18 (4-4-5-5)

Kevin & Danielle

2024-05-04 11:21

3-3-5-4, 4 more to go!

Mike and Lara

2024-05-04 16:33

James, your Mashup skills are have come a long way since you first started that theme. Great job this week

3-3-5-5... 16


2024-05-06 20:18

Kudos to James for getting the Jaws quote correct. Many people mistakenly say, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” But the line that Sheriff Brody speaks to Quint is “You’re gonna need a bigger boat,” because Brody is absolutely ready to turn around and immediately head back to dry land, and then let this crazy fisherman return on his own to hunt the giant shark. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin once misquoted the line in Esquire, making me want to ask him if Colonel Jessup’s famous line from A Few Good Men would mean the same thing if he’d said, “WE can’t handle the truth!”

I also noted the final line of Back to the Future, but Mike C has already clarified that for us.

One other clarification—James mentioned Dolly Parton’s theme park opening in 1961, when Dolly was only 15 years old. While the park itself did begin operations in 1961 (under the name Rebel Railroad, followed by many other monikers) it did not open as Dollywood until 1986.

Thank for another great quiz, James. Looking forward to #1000!


2024-05-07 21:44

(5-4-4-4) 17


2024-05-14 20:35

17 (3/4/5/5)

Half Marks

2024-05-16 02:29


David and Charles

2024-05-20 01:44

2-4-5-5 (16)

Kyle and Kim

2024-06-03 13:54


Kim and Stu

2024-06-11 19:12

17.5 (4.5,4,5,4)


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